About Us

Our Vision

Healthy Mamas. Healthy Babies. Healthy Communities.

As we celebrate our 10th anniversary, we want to take a moment to reflect on the work that we’ve done. This video shows our journey – from supporting expectant mamas to advocating for policy changes. We are proud of the impact we’ve made on Black families in our community.

Please take a moment to watch this video dedicated to our staff (past and present), clients, community partners, board of directors, donors, funders, and volunteers who have supported us. We hope our message continues to inspire radical change in the Black community.


Our Mission

Mamatoto Village is devoted to serving Black women through the creation of career pathways in maternal health; and providing accessible perinatal support services designed to equip women with the necessary tools to make the most informed decisions in their maternity care, parenting, and lives.


Our Beliefs

By offering creative solutions to combating racism and health disparities for Black mothers, babies, and their families, Mamatoto Village’s innovative approach fosters a space for resistance, restoration, and reclamation fueled by Black women’s collective dreams of a more just world to live, love, birth, raise children, and sustain our families.

We believe that the right to health and self-preservation according to one’s own will is a fundamental right; therefore, if women lack access to the information, resources, autonomy, and safety they need to preserve their lives; the lives of their children; and long-term interests, then it is a violation of their human rights.

Mamatoto Village is dedicated to acting towards the cause of justice and liberation in the highest capacity possible. Additionally, we believe that Black women can be strengthened by one another giving rise to a more radical, collective, and supportive environment for wellness and thriving.

Our Values

Our values are set to the mnemonic “I. CARE. SIS


Each person is welcomed and served within an environment of dignity, respect, and acceptance.


We build partnerships across sectors to create opportunities, curate resources, and close gaps in care.


We center and amplify the voices of the individuals and families served.

Respectful Care

We approach each individual with humility, compassion, and honor towards their choices while fostering autonomy over their lives.


Through intentional design, equity is embedded into the core of our organizational culture, our mission, and our service.


We seek to understand each birthing person and to co-create the appropriate plan of care for their presenting needs.

Integrity and Accountability

We seek to maintain the highest level of integrity and transparency in the activities of the organization.


We work to reduce the barriers that prevent access to quality care and economic security.