Lactation Specialist Training

The Lactation Specialist (LS) is a consultant trained to focus on the needs and concerns of the breastfeeding mother-baby pair and to prevent, recognize, and solve breastfeeding difficulties.

During pregnancy, the LS provides anticipatory guidance to the expectant mother and her family, while exploring her concerns and preferences for lactation. In the postpartum, the LS serves as a reference and support for the new mother, aiding her in success with her infant feeding goals.

The LS can offer suggestions for holistic and natural remedies for minor discomforts, and Mamatoto Village’s LS has the added benefit of being able to support mothers with a range of psychosocial factors while delivering culturally empathetic care.

LS can work in a community-based setting, in a clinic under the supervision of an IBCLC, or as an independent practitioner.

​Training Details

This comprehensive 90-hour course is designed to provide each student with a foundational understanding of human lactation and lactation management skills in working with the breastfeeding dyad. The course will meet in the classroom for 90-hours of didactic and hands-on skills training.

The training modules used fulfill the competencies aligned with the UNICEF Breastfeeding Course. During the training, you will receive a resource book, digital resources, and journal articles.

There is a 100 question exam to complete the course. You must pass the course with an 80% or higher. You have 1 month from the last day of the training to complete all requirements for certification as a Lactation Specialist (LS).

  1. What is the cost to attend training? 


  2. What is the time commitment?


    Sept 9-10 | Sept 23-24

    Oct 7-8 | Oct 21-22

    Nov 4-5 | Nov 18-19

    Dec 2-3 | Dec 8-9 (Final Exam Days)

    Completion Ceremony: December 16

    Note: This training is held in-person and you must be available for all dates listed.

  3. Do you provide mentorship for those wanting to become an IBCLC?

    Yes. We have an IBCLC on staff who can provide clinical mentorship on a case-by-case basis for an additional fee.

Applications for our 2023 Lactation Specialist Training are closed.