Embodying Justice

Mamatoto Village amplifies the realities of Black birthing people in the district through local community organizing initiatives, advocacy campaigns, and stewardship of legislative and administrative policy solutions.


  1. Community Organizing

    We are uniting with local Black birthing people, mamas, and caregivers to shift resources, power, and attention towards their demands for systemic and structural transformation.

  2. Advocacy Campaigns

    As Black women and caregivers, Mamatoto Village vocalizes a perspective that shifts the narrative of the Black maternal health crisis. This necessary lens frames historical inequities as the fault of racist systems of care rather than the burden of Black existence.

  3. Policy Solutions

    Our village is called to be active in local, state, and federal arenas where issues relevant to the liberated futures of Black birthing people and their families are often threatened.

Advancing Justice

In order to make advancements towards justice for Black women and birthing people, Mamatoto Village directs community investment towards the intersectional needs of our community.

Reproductive Justice

We are in solidarity with Black women leaders who have led us to demand the justice we all deserve. As movement builders for reproductive justice, we echo the pioneering vision of foremothers who defined and declared reproductive justice as a mandate for change.

Birthing Justice

Our focus on birthing justice ensures Black women are empowered with the resources, support, and confidence to navigate their pregnancy and birth with the assurance of reliable culturally congruent care.

Housing Justice

In our reimagining of communities where Black women and their families are dignified and safe, we acknowledge the necessity for housing that can be long-term, safe, meaningful, and deeply affordable.

Economic Justice

Mamatoto Village’s established workforce development and training model centers on the needs and abilities of Black women to rectify the conditions of systems that are often inequitable and unjust. From this wisdom and experience, we lead efforts to address the prevalence of resources that influence the quality of care Black women and birthing people receive.

Environmental Justice

We strive to ensure our self-determination as Black birthing people is enhanced by the conditions of our neighborhoods and communities.