Celebrating 10 years of Mamatoto Village


A Decade of Healthy Mamas, Healthy Babies, and Healthy Communities

Reflecting on the past ten years, Mamatoto Village has revolutionized community-based perinatal health care and has impacted Black women and families in the D.C. Area. Thanks to their vision, dedication, and unwavering commitment to providing compassionate care and workforce development opportunities, Mamatoto Village has become a beacon of hope and inspiration for families, healthcare professionals, and communities alike. Since 2013, Mamatoto Village has served more than 3000 Black women and families, trained more than 200 Black women, maintained a 100% maternal survival rate.

To commemorate a decade of collective, passionate, and impactful community care, we celebrated with our community at our 10-Year Soirée. Let’s take a moment to reflect on the celebratory moments from the event.

Lasting Legacies: Celebrating 10 Years of Collective Care

This video is dedicated to our staff (past and present), community partners, board of directors, donors, funders, and volunteers who have supported us.

Please take a moment to watch our 10-year impact video and share it with your network. We hope our message continues to inspire radical change in the Black community.

Soirée Photos


We know committed collective action is the first step to writing new storylines towards community transformation, innovation, and elevating our impact. You can make a transformational investment to honor our work over the past 10 years. We have achieved 87% of our donation goal and with your help we can reach $100K !

Soirée Sponsors

Individual Sponsors: Sara Adland | Bianca Ward | Brenda Perez | Rebecca Maltzman