Lasting Legacies

Lasting Legacies: Letters to Black Mamas

Letters to Black Mamas comprises written letters and a video series that expresses gratitude to Black mothers for their unwavering support, courage, and patience. Our goal is to capture diverse motherhood experiences and inspire those who may be undergoing similar journeys. We understand that every mother has a unique story, but we want them to know that they are seen and their experiences are equally valid.

This Mother’s Day campaign incorporates real and raw feelings that do not reflect poorly on our mothers or mother figures but instead show the commonalities and shared journeys between Black moms. We hope that you will read, listen, and share this series with your networks.

Lasting Legacies: Reflections on Black Fatherhood

In this series, six fathers share intimate conversations exploring the joys, vulnerabilities, and multigenerational experiences of Black fatherhood. This project is dedicated to the enduring legacy of Black fathers and father figures and their role in nurturing healthy families and communities.