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Welcome to Mamatoto Village Offering safe, compassionate, inclusive, and radical collective care
in the heart of Ward 7.

Support through your journey

Every family at Mamatoto Village is on a unique journey and we are committed to offering guidance throughout all phases of your reproductive and parenting experience. Our model of collective care provides the community you need to thrive; the resources to birth and parent on your own terms, and the pathways leading to personal transformation.

Pregnancy + Postpartum Care

From home visits to labor support; childbirth education to fitness groups and everything in between, our pregnancy and postpartum services are individually tailored to meet your growing family’s needs.

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Starting your parenting journey? Mamatoto Village provides person-centered and culturally relevant midwifery services that span the reproductive spectrum to include preconception counseling, well-person, prenatal, and postpartum care. Our expert team of midwives helps to provide the foundation needed to have a healthy and dignified birth in any setting.

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You’ve made the incredible decision to breastfeed your baby or you’ve decided that another feeding plan may be best. No matter the choice, our highly skilled lactation team provides new parents non-judgmental support for all feeding methods through support groups, 1:1 consultations, and classes.

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Workforce Development

Are you ready to begin your path into perinatal health? Are you deepening your practice, seeking to gain new skills, or nourishing your passion for serving expectant mothers and new families?.

Mamatoto Village offers training and professional development to potential, new, and experienced people seeking pathways into the profession of maternal and child health, human services, and public health.

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Our home is your home and we cannot wait to see you. We invite you to stop by anytime you are in the area to grab a moment of rest, participate in a class, get support, or have a quick chat. Be sure to check our office hours before visiting to make sure we are home to greet you.


It’s important to have resources to refer back to when you have questions or are on the go. We will be providing you with information for yourself and your loved ones.

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Understanding Birth
Understanding Breastfeeding
Understanding Your Newborn

Get Involved with Mamatoto

Committed collective action is the first step to writing new storylines toward community transformation and sustaining our movement for birth and reproductive justice. Join us by serving as a champion and ally for our village so that we may actualize our vision of healthy mamas, babies, and communities.